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Huge Hardware Wallet Giveaway!
Huge Hardware Wallet Giveaway!
From BitcoinChaser,, and
If you want to win a Ledger Wallet, you came to the right page! Just a few weeks ago, we came back from the first CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise. The blockchain cruise was an unforgettable experience, especially because it allowed us to meet with all the movers and shakers in the industry and forge new partnerships. These new partnerships will benefit our readers, our community and our newsletter subscribers, and you will be able to see that right away! We are launching the first of many promos that we will host with our new partners.

This time around, we are launching an incredible 5 hardware wallet giveaway with our partners at CryptoHWwallet and! We will be giving away 5 Ledger H.W.1 ultra-thin hardware wallets throughout the months of July & August. 

How do I get my Hardware Wallet?
The hardware wallet giveaway will take place during the months of July & August 2017. 

You have 5 opportunities to get a Ledger H.W.1 Hardware wallet.

Here is how to enter:

Giveaway 1: Our first hardware wallet giveaway will take place on July 8th. Tune into our South Africa Bitcoin Meet-up Facebook broadcast. Visit our Facebook page to find out how to enter. Competition complete -winner announced 
Giveaway 2: Competition to be announced soon.
Giveaway 3: Retweet our tweet (see below) about the competition until July 20th. You will automatically enter the competition. We will choose the winner at random the following day. Competition complete -winner announced 
Giveaway 4: Competition to be announced soon.
Giveaway 5:  This final giveaway comes courtesy of CryptoHWwallet and To get this giveaway the all you have to do is share one of those hilarious memes from our favorite bitcoin meme site, Anyone who shares a meme throughout the month of July will automatically enter the draw for a Ledger H.W.1. Competition complete -winner announced 

The Huge Hardware Wallet Giveaway Winners!
We will be announcing the winners of each wallet through our social media accounts and on this page. You will be able to follow the winners’ table below, and share your win with your friends! We will be posting the date on which you won, the channel you won through and your name – or nickname, if you want to go all Satoshi Nakamoto on us! 


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