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ICO 3dP-Token (3dP)
ICO 3dP-Token (3dP)


3D-Printing and Crypto Currencies

The additive manufacturing process is, like crypto currencies, one of the most emergent technologies of the 21st century. Both have in common to still be part of a niche market, but have the future-oriented potential to change the world and how we think about it.

To shape and drive this process forward, we from, will open a 3D-printing farm in Czech Republic. We chose this EU-country as our location because in terms of blockchain technology it is significantly further developed compared to its european neighbors.

The team consists of CEO Severin Wirtz and eight other dedicated, experienced visionaries aged 25-35, who get down to the task of making the world and peoples everyday life easier and more comfortable.

How 3dP-Token works
Hold, trade and pay - 3dP works like many other crypto currencies: You can hold it in your wallet and trade it on exchanges. In addition, you can pay with it on our platform where you can order individually designed 3D objects printed in our printing farm.

What is special about 3dP is that you will generate extra profits with it: Every investor gets an annual profit participation. Plus you get a bounty bonus at the PRE-ICO phase of 5% if you invite your friends.

The industrial electronics engineer worked in the prototype manufacturing sector in the automotive industry, where he got the required know how for this position. He got engaged with Crypto Currencies in 2012 and is an enthusiastic supporter since then.

Our Vision becomes Reality

Many renown researchers and companies from various sectors believe in the enormous future potential of 3D printing techniques and the way translates it into action. Thus, we can count on the support of influential partners and strong advisors.

3D printing techniques offer great chances in medical industry. Bioprinting is about to establish and advances treatment options from individually adjusted dentures and prostheses over skin replacements up to whole organs out of the printer. will supply hospitals, clinics and research institutes world-wide with innovative tailored solutions.

The private medical school European University of Health, founded by one of our advisors, Prof. Dr. Dr. Joachim Wander, wants to construct an appropriate bioprinting faculty provided by

Our ICO partner Aircraft Solutions RAK will break new ground with its newly built aircraft recycling center at Ras Al Khaimah International Airport. will institute and operate a 3D printing farm in their hangars. In the near future, spare parts for the aviation industry will be produced low priced, independent, local and just in time by using 3D printing techniques.

The world is in need for innovative Technologies

There are some different printing techniques which follow the same principle: three dimensional objects are created by The boom of the crypto markets shows that the educated e-generation is seeking for revolutionary seminal ideas and is willing to support those concepts. Studies predict that the global market volume of 3D printing techniques in aerospace industry will be up to € 9.6 billions in 2030.

The pharmaceutical industry will increase their profits by using 3D printing methods by several 1000% in the next few years. The brand new market of additive manufacturing processes is still in the fledgling stages. While techniques evolve, application spectrum will increase. Soon it will be impossible to imagine life without 3D printing .

The future is now!

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