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Wafcoin stands out from the tide of the exchange’s wide world
At the beginning of 2018, more than 7,400 new “spire of the tower” have emerged, forming a Red Sea battleground of nearly 16000 exchanges in less than a year. As a result, all suffered from the collapse of the market that Bitcoin prices fell, transactions shrinked, and users left the market, and entered the dilemma of “more monks than meat”. With stricter regulation, congested tracks, and shrinking markets, exchanges are changing all the time, and the waves swung through the market throughout the year.On January 27, 2018, the Japanese Exchange,Coincheck, which was established in 2014, declared closing down due to hacking. In February, the decentralized exchange which was established in 2016. Because of internal disputes, the actual controllers ran away. In 2018, the track of exchange was filled with gunpowder, more than 80% of the exchanges closed, "running away" and investors were pressed to the wall, the choice of a reliable exchange is the top priority at present![font=微软雅黑]Founded in 2018, Wafcoin (WA) is the world's first exchange with a dual license [/font][font=微软雅黑]in[/font][font=微软雅黑] the Virgin Islands. The platform provides safe, transparent, stable and efficient blockchain [/font][font=微软雅黑]token [/font][font=微软雅黑]economic transaction services to users around the world[/font][font=微软雅黑],to build the co-governance platform with world's first blockchain token ecological transaction。[/font][font=微软雅黑]The Wafcoin platform has a financial-grade distributed cluster architecture, a [/font][font=微软雅黑]m[/font][font=微软雅黑]atching algorithm of more than 2 million levels, bank-level security encryption and ODAT offline acceleration, and  isolation technology[/font][font=微软雅黑] of [/font][font=微软雅黑]multi-signature hot and cold wallet to ensure high reliability, high performance and strong security of the [/font][font=微软雅黑]token[/font][font=微软雅黑] platform. [/font][font=微软雅黑]Faced with many difficulties and challenges, the team[/font][font=微软雅黑] of[/font][font=微软雅黑] Wafcoin has always adhered to the principle of [/font][font=微软雅黑]a[/font][font=微软雅黑]dhering to the initial mind and [/font][font=微软雅黑]customers supreme[/font][font=微软雅黑], and t[/font][font=微软雅黑]ook[/font][font=微软雅黑] root in the blockchain industry with enthusiasm and loyalty to support and empower the blockchain industry.[/font]

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