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A leading figure in the blockchain industry - Zhu Youping
[font=微软雅黑]20 years ago, the Internet changed our lives as a great technological revolution. Twenty years later, another revolutionary revolution - blockchain technology was born. The potential applications and innovations being planned and developed in the blockchain field will be groundbreaking! The emergence of this revolution is due to the extraordinary insights of some people who can be eye-catching at an early stage and work hard in this savage[/font][font=微软雅黑] and[/font][font=微软雅黑] new field with a rigorous attitude.[/font]
[font=微软雅黑] [/font]
[font=微软雅黑]Today, this person has become the most influential representative in the field of blockchain. He was the first [/font][font=微软雅黑]one [/font][font=微软雅黑]to put forward the "block chain is a new technological concept[/font][font=微软雅黑] [/font][font=微软雅黑]revolution" [/font][font=微软雅黑][font=微软雅黑],[/font][/font][font=微软雅黑]Professor Zhu Youping.[/font]
[font=微软雅黑][font=微软雅黑]Professor Zhu Youping graduated from School of Economics of Peking University in 1987 and has worked for a long time [/font][font=微软雅黑]a[/font][font=微软雅黑]t the forefront of the national research sector in the fields of science, technology and economics. He has outstanding performance in both academic and operational fields. Professor Zhu’s experience is legendary.[/font]

[font=微软雅黑]During his career, Professor Zhu has held a number of important positions: Director-General of the WBCC[/font][font=微软雅黑] (International[/font][font=微软雅黑] Blockchain Alliance Chamber of Commerce[/font][font=微软雅黑])[/font][font=微软雅黑], AXC Chief Strategy Officer, [/font][font=微软雅黑]m[/font][font=微软雅黑]ember of the expert [/font][font=微软雅黑]c[/font][font=微软雅黑]ommittee of China Blockchain Ecological Alliance, and Deputy Director[/font][font=微软雅黑] of [/font][font=微软雅黑]Committee of experts of the International Block-chain Innovation Application Alliance of China Mobile Communications Federation, Senior Consultant of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce's Professional Committee on Block chain, Honorary Director and Chief Visionary Officer of the Asian Blockchain Industrial Research Institute, Chief Strategy Officer of the Asian Blockchain Society, [/font][font=微软雅黑]m[/font][font=微软雅黑]ember of the electric power big data group of china electrical engineering society, experts from the National Beidou Data Center Office, experts from the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, members of the China Blockchain + Industry Alliance, special tutors [/font][font=微软雅黑]of the Huobi[/font][font=微软雅黑] University, and consultants [/font][font=微软雅黑]of[/font][font=微软雅黑] the Dutch Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Association.[/font]

[font=微软雅黑] [/font]
[font=微软雅黑][font=微软雅黑]As a practitioner of the "Internet" and "Blockchain[/font][font=微软雅黑] +[/font][font=微软雅黑]" projects for 30 years, the world's first to propose blockchain economics[/font][font=微软雅黑] and[/font][font=微软雅黑] [/font][font=微软雅黑]block[/font][font=微软雅黑]chain reform, Professor Zhu Youping's topic was [/font][font=微软雅黑]adopted[/font][font=微软雅黑] by [/font][font=微软雅黑]m[/font][font=微软雅黑]any mainstream media[/font][font=微软雅黑]s[/font][font=微软雅黑] such as[/font][font=微软雅黑] [/font][font=微软雅黑][/font][font=微软雅黑] [/font][font=宋体]and [/font][font=微软雅黑] [/font][font=微软雅黑][/font][font=微软雅黑] ,[/font][font=微软雅黑] [/font][font=微软雅黑]he also had been [/font][font=微软雅黑]called“the first person in the world [/font][font=微软雅黑]block[/font][font=微软雅黑]chain reform” and the “Blockchain Godfather”. In the face of the [/font][font=微软雅黑]future of [/font][font=微软雅黑]blockchain, Professor Zhu is very confident: blockchain will definitely change our lives very deeply and subversively.[/font][/font]
[font=微软雅黑][font=微软雅黑][font=微软雅黑]As one of the founders of the China Economic Information Network and the China Economic 50 people[/font][font=微软雅黑] [/font][font=微软雅黑]Forum, [/font][font=微软雅黑]o[/font][font=微软雅黑]ver the past two decades, China's economic development has been influenced and promoted by providing first-hand research to policy-makers. Especially in the field of macroeconomics and industry development, [/font][font=微软雅黑]he[/font][font=微软雅黑] has outstanding academic achievements. It has received the attention and recognition of organizations such as the National People's Congress and the National Development Bank[/font][font=微软雅黑] and other organizations[/font][font=微软雅黑], and has repeatedly received awards from the State Planning Commission and the State Information Center.[/font][/font][/font]
[font=微软雅黑][font=微软雅黑][font=微软雅黑][font=微软雅黑]In addition, as a thinker and evangelist in macroeconomics and blockchain economics, Professor Zhu has delivered nearly 100 lectures on macroeconomics and blockchain economics at Peking University, Tsinghua University, CCTV, and He has published more than 100 academic articles in China's top publications such as Xinhua Digest. Professor Zhu is able to withstand loneliness, firmly and physically and mentally devote[/font][font=微软雅黑] himself to[/font][font=微软雅黑] the field of national scientific research and economy, and has made outstanding contributions to the country's science and technology, economy, and reform.[/font][/font][/font][/font]

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