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WinTo token ICO
- WinTo token ICO -

The WinTo token sale campaign was launched to fund the World Winners Network project. We found a way to connect influencers, consumers, businesses and nonprofits so they can interact in way that everyone receives multiple benefits and drive positive change.

Our main engine is the proven shopping community business model which besides discounts generates additional cashback dedicated for donations (37.5%). From there every member have the option to support an existing charitable cause or create their own.

Our goals are:
1. To take advantage of the revolutionary crowdfunding method to build our platform and remain decentralized.
2. Use part of the insane amount of money spent on pointless shopping every second to drive positive change.
3. Resurrect the real idea of Social networks – Connecting people so they can make a difference using the power of community.

WinTo token ICO Summary:

[Image: ICO-Summary-WInTo.png]

WinTo token is now competing in Round 4- Community Battle of the ICOs
ask the team questions // check out the daily 'Get in the ring' Q&A / or Vote for them HERE!

[Image: logo-transparent-signature.png]


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