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Beer Money ICO
- Beer Money ICO - 

The token beer is the only one that combines two growing markets such as artisan beer and the cryptocurrency market, coupled with this beer money will distribute 25% of its earnings to its holders tokens and an additional 20% are used to repurchase tokens to the current market price which will be destroyed, thus building a collaborative and sustainable business model.

The average user is acquainted with establishments and businesses where they spend with traditional money, but all these changes with beer money Pubs, where you can pay your account with the token beer and also with other cryptocurrencies, so you no longer have to resort to Cash, you can also order your order through our mobile application and receive it at your doorstep.

Customers who purchase BeerMoney products and make their payment with the token BEER will receive special discounts; also, the Allied businesses that accept our token offer some benefits all this is possible by having a product on the market that Supports the value of the token.

Beer Money ICO Summary:

[Image: ICO-Summary-BEER-MONEY.jpg]

Beer Money is now competing in Round 4- Community Battle of the ICOs
ask the team questions // check out the daily 'Get in the ring' Q&A / or Vote for them HERE!

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I like this ICO. I like BEER let's vote for that!

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