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hy you dropped the old forum concept? scamico?

you forgot to add waves adres, 

btc adress is somehow pointless as bitcoinowners only donate to push a bitcoin centristic cryptoeconomy

maybe renaming this forum into

Cryptoeconomics board

would be more suiting to attract industry related icos,

calling it myico talk will rather attract individuals like princess sandy than someone who wants to engineer something with his purchasing power


1) Yes we think to drop website and move that forum to new section into MyICOtalk. 

2) We may add waves address for donation.

3) MyICOTalk I think is most suitable name for the forum. The name that people can remember and understand. The concept of that forum is to help you better understand ICOs that you are interested. Also for ICO owners are to help develop concept of his/her idea or ICO.

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