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Community Battle of the ICOs!
Initial Coin List presents the Community BATTLE OF THE ICOs!

[Image: INFOHEREbanner.jpg]

Round 4 is on now! visit the Battle page HERE to check out the competing ICOs / ask questions to the teams / or of course VOTE for the ICO that you support!!

The battle goal is to bring awareness to different ICOs and give a voice to the community through discussion & voting.
The winning ICO will receive our valued Community Choice Award! Which can be a significant factor for investors to look further into an ICO.

Each Round is from the 1st-10th of every month

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To encourage honest & valuable ICO research, InitalCoinList does not offer paid ratings.
Defining a new standard of assessing Initial Coin Offerings;
the Community Battle of the ICOs provides an equal chance for all ICOs to gain exposure 
while revealing their level of engagement & community support to investors.
Our Community Choice Award cannot be bought
& can only be acquired by earning first place in our monthly CBOTI

1st place Receives:
Community Choice Award 
One month orange featured Community Choice free listing on InitialCoinList
(Community Choice award /rating will always stay on your listing)
*includes a seal for website & certificate image
1 month CC featured listing

Featured listing includes Community Choice ad box
300 x 250 sized banner promoting your Project 

2nd place Receives:
1 week free Sidebar Ad Banner on InitialCoinList
300 x 250 sized banner promoting your project displayed on the right side-bar of every ICO listing page and blog post.
*campaign start date of your choice

How it works:

The Battle is held on where the 10 competing ICOs will be showcased. 
Here the community will be able to vote for their favorite ICO, check out our ICO summaries & ask any questions on the discussion board.
 The ICO with the most votes on the 11th at 00:00 UTC wins the battle & ICLs Community Choice Award!

We only accept the first 10 ICOs into each Round, if your ICO would like to register please go to Battle of the
If you have any questions please contact us at

Previous & Current CBOTI Winners:

Cyphr Coin -Round 1- August 2018             NHCT - Round 2- September 2018               Local Remit- Round 3- Current
       [Image: CYPHR-SEAL-300x293.png]              [Image: NHCT-SEAL-300x293.png]              [Image: LR-seal.png]


visit the Battle OF The ICOs homepage for details.
- Round 4 live now
Intresting idea InitialCoinList!
(09-29-2018, 02:04 PM)CryptoMAX Wrote: Intresting idea InitialCoinList!

Thank you! I think there is value to show for an ICOs engagement & transparency with its community! 
We hope to bring the two together! in a fun competition =) Round 3 is now active if you would like to check it out, also if you have any suggestions or 
feedback for us its very welcomed Cheers
[Image: logo-transparent-signature.png]

As I understand that the criteria is community voting. Only by votes the ICO can get better scores. But I am not sure about verification of this ICO. I think community not always a good advisers. The ICO might be very hyped with the fake team for example.

But Idea is great!
(10-04-2018, 05:19 AM)Frover Wrote: As I understand that the criteria is community voting. Only by votes the ICO can get better scores. But I am not sure about verification of this ICO. I think community not always a good advisers. The ICO might be very hyped with the fake team for example.

But Idea is great!

HI yes i agree thats a very good point, It should be used to give an idea to investors, as one, of many other key factors in assessing an ICO, full research is definitely needed before potentially investing in a project,  

We wanted to offer more than just a voting poll so the community can also check out our Daily 'Get in the Ring' Questions- here we ask the ICO teams essential questions we believe Investors would want answers for. Also added a Q&A summary each ICO has completed for us for general info,  We've been brainstorming what elements we could add to this to be the most beneficial for ICO research & any feedback / suggestions from the community is definitely valuable for us! Thanks alot!! =)
[Image: logo-transparent-signature.png]

Thumbs Up 
Q #9 is up- only a few days left to ask our competing ICO teams anything 
& view their answers to our Daily 'GET IN THE RING' Question on our discussion board here

[Image: q9.jpg]
[Image: logo-transparent-signature.png]

Three magic weapons to make TarK the first choice for digital wallets

TarK Wallet is a digital management platform based on blockchain technology, which combines transaction, financial management and other functions. Its principle and logic are more complex, and its application scenario is more extensive in the future. It will construct a new wallet ecosystem through blockchain technology. Technical height, complete function and ecological perfection are the three magic weapons for Tark wallet to enter the blockchain market.

First. This is a wallet that subverts tradition - with the technology as a sword to open up the market

Tark wallets bring together the world's top technology talent. Tark's Silicon Valley Lab brings together the best Internet technology talents from Silicon Valley and Cambridge, which is responsible for the technical development, maintenance and iteration of the wallet, making Tark Labs the output center of the top technology in the blockchain.

TarK Wallet has advanced technology that surpasses the global mainstream token asset wallet, and introduces the top technology innovation and multi-person collaborative management function of Silicon Valley in the United States, which greatly reduces the safety factor of users’ token asset risk. TarK Wallet is the world's first cross-chain wallet based on the fourth-generation blockchain internet technology that supports the payment, storage and transaction of all token Assets. TarK technically implements atomic cross-exchange, lightning network, and cross-chain lightning transaction, taking wallet technology to a new level.

Second. This is a powerful wallet - the service wins the trust of users

Functional diversification is a development trend of wallets. TarK Wallet is a cross-chain wallet based on Blockchain 4.0 technology that not only includes multiple functions, but also games. The TarK system includes a private key import function, a mnemonic word backup function, a multi-currency storage function, a on-chain matching transaction function, a secure transaction function, a game lobby function, an online live broadcast function and a on-chain query function, and is a leading product of a new generation digital wallet.

TarK Wallet gives users the right to truly master their digital assets and personal data. The transaction results are promptly reminded, the assets are collected in one step; multi-platform market and consultation, wealth dividends were readily available; personal assets real-time query, with assets in hand to take leave without delay; multi-language currency support, global users linked operations; QR code / NFC Communication, covering the mainstream of global payment methods. TarK wallet allows you to stay at home to control the industry information with one click!

Third. This is an ecologically sound wallet – landing applications to build the future

The value of blockchain digital wallets has gained the consensus of market users:

As the value of payment: once the future token payment becomes one of the mainstream payment methods, then the wallet, as the entrance, there will be a lot of imagination space;

As the value of the asset management platform: For the user, the blockchain digital wallet system can achieve fast transactions, which is also a good demand scenario;

As the entrance value of the transaction: At present, there are more and more public blockchains, more and more protocols and applications, and more and more digital assets. Since the wallet has precipitated many users' digital assets, it has naturally generated a lot of opportunity for wealth management and asset management.

Value of the DApp entrance: Users need to have a place to discover and download DApps, and all DApps have wallets. Through the management of the blockchain digital wallet system, it is naturally closely connected to DApp, when the number of user develops to a certain extent, the wallet becomes the dapp distribution channel, or the entrance.

The vision of the TarK wallet is to make 100 million people around the world become Tark users, create a global settlement ecosystem, and realize the vision of digital bank. In the ecosystem of TarK wallet, it will be considered comprehensively from the aspects of consumers, investors, platform itself, digital customers and so on, so that all parties can develop in a balanced and coordinated way and realize the global and digital new ecosystem.

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