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ICO B21 Looks for me interesting investment on website it says:

Our goal is to introduce cryptoasset investing to new and experienced investors by creating and managing cryptoasset investment plans. We make it super easy to begin investing in cryptoassets and to manage personal wealth goals. 

Check out our video on this exciting opportunity to profit from cryptocurrencies and why anyone with personal wealth goals should get involved now.

link to video:

User Benefits
Let's face it, we have all heard about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but it is so complicated to get involved.
Not with B21, we make it easy with goal based investing, we manage all the complicated and tech, you just need to decide how much you want to invest and how often you want to add funds to your goal. With B21 you only need one account to manage your whole cryptoasset portfolio.

The B21 Token
B21 intends to introduce the B21 Token that will be used to settle fees in the platform
The B21 Token will be used to pay incentives to users

Project Protocol
ERC20 Token
Maximum Crowd Sale CAP
Number of ICO Rounds
Private Sales, Pre-Sale, Public Token Sale
Accepted Tokens


For me this ICO looks popular that some similar ICOs.
Hey, this is very good info. I am also a newbie when it comes to stock market investments. I want to work on investment portfolio of my own, so just started learning everything. Even I am going to focus on long term income tax saving  investment options to get some extra benefits.

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